Our roof panel forming machine has characters of high speed, high production, good performance, low labor and save cost.
Our roof panel forming machine:
Main technical parameters:
1. Rack: Using 300H steel welding
2. roof panel forming machine-driven feeding frame forms: lateral slide-style
3. roof panel forming machine Type: wall-type chain drive. Wall thickness of 16 mm.
4. Shaft Diameter: 75 mm
5. Chains: 1 inch single-row
6. Forming Motor Power: 4KW
7. Forming Machine speed: 1.0m/min
8. Forming Machine Road Number: 12
9. Roll Material: high quality 45 # forged steel
10. Hydraulic station motor: 4kw °
11. Rolling thickness :0.3-1 .0 MM
12. Materials Expand Width: 1000mm
13. The computer use of PLC, Taiwan and Taiwan reached
14. The machine weighs about 5.5 tons, length of 7 meters wide and 1.45 meters, 1.2 meters high.
.The forming rollers are the key of roll forming machine. We use CAD to design and manufacture the rollers. After CNC lathe, the forming rollers will be harden by vacuum heat treatment and finished the profiles again. These processes make the more accurate forming rollers, avoid the deformation during heat treatment and ensure the rollers preciseness and wear-resisting ability.