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decoiling machine

decoiling machine

decoiling machine


automatic decoiling machine 
1, high quality 
2, easy to control 
3. Automatic driven

automatic decoiling machine



1.   Capacity

Material: carbon steel

Coil width: 500mm

Coil inner diameter: Φ460-520mm (hydraulic decoiler)

Coil outer diameter: Φ1600mm

Coil weight: 10 to

2.   Composition  

1)   Coil car:

Main structure: it is composed of steel, wheel, guiding pole, transmission shaft, etc.

Weight capacity: 10 ton, 1.1kw cycloid-pin motor, speed: 6m/min

Hydraulic power: lifting weight;10 ton, height: 500mm, oil cylinder: FA-Φ150MM (one piece)

2)   Hydraulic decoiler:

a.    Main structure: it is composed of steel plate, four arc steel plate, slide block, main shaft, side board, bearing, bearing base, pneumatic brake device. Expansion diameter: Φ460-520mmx650mm, weight capacity: 10 ton

b.    Hydraulic power: push-pull expansion core shaft, oil cylinder: FA-Φ 150MM (one piece)

c.     Electronic power: feeding material:5.5kw cycloid-pin motor with chain transmission, equip with press wheel, adopt to 1.1kw cycloid-pin motor, hydraulic cylinder: Φ63mm

d.   Remark:The decoiler has no function for speed adjustable.

3)   Hydraulic system:

a.    Main structure: it is composed of steel oil receiving case, oil pressing valve with 200kgs capacity, and circuit manifold.

b.    Power: E grade 5.5kw motor with vane pump (Taiwan), oil output: 30ml, normal pressure:70kgs/cm2, max pressure:140kg/cm2

 Equip with electronic control panel.  1 set 

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