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Roof forming machine

Roof forming machine

Roof forming machine

Roof forming machine 
1. Roll forming speed: 12 m/min 
2. Roll forming motor: 5.5 kw 
3. Roll forming steps: 15 steps 
Roof roll forming machine (One year warranty)


This roll forming machine is used for producing roofing or wall panel, and the will be lockup with screw, Roof forming machine is convenient for installation and adjustment , it is commonly used in building steel structure factory, warehouse, public buildings etc.

Main Technical Parameters of roof forming machnie:

1) Roll forming station: 15 steps

2) Roll forming motor Power: 5.5kw

3) Weight: 5-6 tons

4) Roll forming material Thickness: 0.3-0.6 mm

5) Roll forming speed: 12 m/min

Main Machine Accessories of roof forming machine:

1) 5 tons manual decoiler

2) Roll forming machine

(Roller material: 45# steel, with heat treating processing, then do chroming)

3) Hydraulic cutting device (Automatic cutting, Material of cutter: Cr12 steel)

4) Product rack for collecting products

5) PLC control box (Panasonic, Delta, Simens brand etc.)

We offer customized sizes of roll forming machines, it is helpful that if you can send us the drawing.

yx71-380-760 boltless roof panel.jpg

yx840 wall roof.jpg

yx 820 wall roof.jpg

yx 825 wall.roof.jpg


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