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Metal deck forming machine

Metal deck forming machine

Metal deck forming machine


1.Production Characteristic and use: 
The metal deck roll forming machine adopt wallboard station, it is increase the strength of the machine;; the metal deck end product widely used in floor flat, after make dots of the sheet it is can increase of friction between the steel and concrete, thereby increasing the floor of the fastness

2.Main Technical Specification: 
Material width:1250 mm 
Material thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
Work speed: 12-15m/min 
Roll station: 32 stations 
Main power: 22KW(two 11KW) 
Hydraulic station power: 5.5KW
Control system: Panasonic brand PLC
Drive: by chain


 Floor deck forming machine has scores of different types. The panel produced by this machine has high strength with big wavelength. It adheres well to concrete. Used on high buildings, It not only saves steel mold plate, but also reduces the weight of storey. With the same capacity, it economizes steel and cuts and cuts down investment accordingly. Introduction of Equipment



Material of main equipment:

Roller material: high grade NO.45 forged steel, plated hard chrome on the surface of roller with thickness 0.05mm.

Active shaft material: high grade NO.45 carbon wrought steel at diameter 72mm.

Cutting blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment.

They are widely used as the roof of garden like factory, hotel, exhibition center, villa, civil construction, etc.




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