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Cut to length line

Cut to length line

Cut to length line

14*1500mm Flattenning& Cut to length machine

Raw material--Uncoiler with coil cart--Guiding--Flattening--Coding measuring--Cut to length--Auto stacker

1)Basic specification of the steel coil

Steel coil material:common carbon steel,galvanized steel or pre-painted steel

Coil thickness:0.25mm--3mm

Coil diameter:max 1800mm

Coil width:300mm---2000mm

Coil inner diameter:508,610,720

Coil weight:max 10T

Cut to length line

2)Flow chart :

Hydraulic coil car---single mandrel decoiler—head-guiding&head shovel and 2 rolls feeding --sheet head shearing machine-----deviation rectifying(sheet guiding)--slitting—side scrap recoiling—pit---pre-seperator and damping tensioning machine---coil recoiling ---unloading coil car—--hydraulic control ---electrical control

3-1) Hydraulic coil car:

1:1Form of coil car: four-wheeled walk

1.2Structure of coil car: steel structure and it is V-shape on top.

1.3Power of continuous walk:2.2kw cycloidal gear decelerator

1.4Power of lifting and lowering:hydraulic cyliner driven 180mmx700mm

1.5max journey of lifting and lowering:700mm

1.6Max loading capacity:10000KG

1.7coil car with pit


3-2)Single mandrel decoiler Roll forming machine

2.1Way of decoiling: single arm mandrel ,hydraulic inner expansion

2.2Form of expansion and contracting drum :jaw 3 steps ,hydraulic oil cylinder driven

2.3power of movement: hydraulic oil cylinder driven(oil cylinder specification 125mmx900mm)

2.5coil max outer dia:1800mm

2.6coil width:300mm--2000mm

2.7Max loading capacity:10000kg

2.8 way of brake:pneumatic brake


3-3)Guiding head and shovel head

3.1Form of head guiding structure: steel welded structure ,oil cylinder for lifting&lowering

3.2hydraulic oil cylinder specification: 80x500mm ,2pcs

3.3Pulling rolls:40Cr,250mmx400mm ,rubber rolls

3.4pulling power:2.2kw cycloidal gear decelerator

3.5specification for shovel head:steel sheet weled structure

3.6 Power of lifting and lowering:hydraulic cyliner:80mmx400mm:

3.7power of expanding&contracting: hydraulic cyliner:63mmx400mm


4) 2 Rolls feeding

4.1 feeding rolls specification: 160mmx1700mm

4.2 material of rolls: rolls 40Cr,hardened chromed

4.3 oil cyliner for leveling rolls lifting& lowering: 80mmx100mm,2pcs

4.4 lifting&lowering organ:2.2kw cycloidal gear decelerator

4.5 power of feeding:5.5kw motor plus speed reducer with joint coupling


5)Hydraulic sheet head-shearing machine 1set

5.1 Specification:0.25-3.0mmx2000mm

5.2 Shearing max thickness:3mm

5.3 Max width:2000mm


6)Deviation rectifying unit(side guiding unit)

6.1Vertical rolls specification: 90mmx125mm 3 pairs

6.2Coil pressing rolls: 100mmx1700mm,chromed

6.3 Power of coil pressing rolls:hydraulic oil cyliner ,80mmx100mm

6.4Range of rectifying deviation:300-2100mm

6.5 way of side guiding:single side by hands control

7)Main slitting machine

7.1. Way of slitting: stands round blade slitting

7.2 Specification of slitting shaft: 200mmx2100mm

7.3 Material of blades shafts :40Cr hardened chrome and polishing

7.4 Round disc blade specification:D320xd200mmxT10mm

7.5 Material of blades:6Crw2Si, hardened chrome HRC60—62degrees

7.6 Slitting motor power:DC90KW motor with joint coupling plus speed reducer

7.8 Power of slitting pressing drive:2.2KW cycloidal gear decelerator

7.9Slitting speed:0—60m/min adjustable

7.10 Slitting width accuracy:+/-0.03mm

7.12Way of changing blade: hydraulic oil cylinder drives the stands to move,

7.13 Hydraulic oil cyliner specification:63mmx450mm

8 )Side scrap recoiler

8.1 Double sides waste recoiler

8.2 Specification of recoiling plate: 450mmx350mm

8.3 Power of recoiling:4kw motor inverter control


9) Pit /loop table

9.1 Form of pit: concrete poured,double sides flat table

9.2 Loop size:4.5mx2mx3.5m(LXWXH)

9.3 Flat table structure: square pipe welded with sliding rolls on the ends and plastic board on covered on the face

9.4 Hydraulic oil cyliner lifting and lowering Roll forming machine


10)Damping& pre-seperator(tension rolls)

10.1Pre-seperator shaft dia: 95mmx2100mm

10.3 Pre-seperator discs specification200mmx3mm,65Mn quenched processment

10.4 Pre-seperator shaft lifting&lowering:hydraulic oil cyliner drive 75mmx100mm

10.5 Power of pressing:hydraulic oil cyliner 80mmx1500m,2pcs

10.6 Material of rolls:40Cr heat processment HRC55-56

11)Coil recoiler organ and seperator

11.1 Recoiling shaft specification: 230mmx2100mm

11.2 Recoiling specification: 508mmx2100mm

11.3 Power of expansion and contracting:200mmx100mm


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