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Corrugated Roof Forming Machine

Corrugated Roof Forming Machine

Corrugated Roof Forming Machine


corrugated roof forming  machine

corrugated sheet forming machine

roll  forming machine


 The  production line is   used to produce   kinds   of steel rack  and rack equipment. The products have the feature of light-weight, high-intensity, durable and elegant.

A. Forming craft:

Decoiling; Forming;Punching; Cutting;   Product Collecting

B. Equipment  consists:

1,Decoiler: 1 Set

2,Forming Machine: 1 Set

3,Hydraulic cutting   system: 1 Set

4,Collection Table: 1 Set

C. Main parts technical   parameters:

1. Forming station: 12--18

2. Speed: 2~20m/min   (adjustable)

4. Roller bracket: Whole steel plate construction

5. Material of the roll: GCr 15, hardness :       HRC 56~60

6.  Diameter of the roll’s bearing :  46mm

7. Cutting: hydraulic cutting

8. Control system: PLC computer  control frequency

9. Delivery time: 30—60 working days


We also have Our main product range as follows:

1)      Pipe welding machine

2)      Rack forming machine

3)      C&Z purlin forming machine.

4)      Keel forming machine

5)      Doorframe machine

6)      Corrugation forming machine

7)      Cable tray forming machine

8)      Guard rail forming machine

9)      Harmonious rolling gate forming machine

10)    slide roll forming machine

11)  car plate forming machine


 We provide above information to customer reference,  we can design and produce various of  roll forming machine according customer requirement.

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