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Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel

 Product Description

1. Fire performance: Rock cotton core material for non-combustible material, has more than 1000centigrade temperature of melting in the fire, can be effective blocking flame spread, maximun limit reducing fire losses. 
2. Heat preservation and heat insulation: Rock wool low thermal conductivity(lambda=0.043W/m larecaille k), thermal insulation performance is good. Excellent node design to ensure the sealing performance and the heat preservation effect. 
3. Sound insulation sex good: Sound insulation of sound insulation is 30dB, effectively reduce experiment it outside noise interference. 
4. Watertightness/air tightness: Between plates into unique design chimeric type node, to stop the invasion of the water, the board at the end of the connection, internal closed processing, keep good air-tightness. 
5. Durable: Selects high quality rock wool materials, hate water rate is old, lasting firm. 
6. Tight & joint, no cold bridge, screw concealed and great design.
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