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JCX 1060 Roll Forming Machine...JCX 1060 Roll Forming MachineAutomatic uncoiler—Roll forming machine—compture control system—hydraulic control system—form cutter
Color Steel Corrugated Profile ...Color Steel Corrugated Profile Roof Panel Roll Forming MachineRoll forming machine 1. It has good features such as low noise, easy operate 2. Reasonable price and high qualityCorrugated Profile Roof Panel Roll Forming MachineEq
Metal deck forming machine...Metal deck forming machineThe metal deck roll forming machine adopt wallboard station, it is increase the strength of the machine;; the metal deck end product widely used in floor flat, after make dots of the sheet it is can increase of fr
Tile Roof Roll Forming Machine...Tile Roof Roll Forming MachineWe manufacture Roll Forming Machine, Roof Roll Forming Machine, Wall Roll Forming Machine, Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine, Drywall Roll Forming Machine, Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Sheet Roll Forming Ma
roofing tile roll former...Forming axial material 45# steel quench Out diameter of shaft 70 Shaft material 45# steel Driving mode Sprocket chain transmission Thickness of chain 1 inches Equipment total power: 6 KW Forming speed 8-10m/min Rolling thicknes
tile machine...tile machine1. Suitable to process: Colored Steel plate, galvanized board 2. Width of the plate: 1000mm 3. Rollers: 14-16rows 4. Rolling material: Forging Steel 45# 5. Rolling galvanization thickness: 0.05 mm 6. Material of the c
metal roofing sheet making mach...metal roofing sheet making machineMaterial of blade Gr12, heat treatment 60-62° C Shearing system It is controlled by gear wheel oil pump. After filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank, the pumps drive the cutter machine
double wall corrugated sheet ma...double wall corrugated sheet machine1.1 Feeding width: 1000mm 1.2 Effective width: 850mm 1.3 Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

Roll Forming Machine
HeBei FeiXiang Roll Forming Machinery Co.,Ltd
Our technical force is abundant. Production equipment is advanced, detection means is complete. We specialize in the professional production of various types of roll forming machines, and the development and production of fully automatic intelligent control roll forming machines of C-shaped steel and dust collector anode plates, and other equipment. ...    Read More
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