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Hidden roof panel forming machine 50-186-750



Hidden roof panel forming machine :

Hidden roof panel forming machine


This type of board is widely used as the wall of the large span building, such as: factory plant, storage, locomotive shed, hangar, sports field, exhibition building and movie theater.
It has advantages includign high top, strong strength, no screw, reliable installation, high proof of water and explose, and it has high intensity of automaticly producing, low cost, and it is very suitable to operate on the project site to lower the cost.

This machine is composed of feed leading table, main forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system, discharge table and so on.

Optional devices: automatic uncoiler, manual uncoiler.

Main parameter:

1. Install size:14000mm*1700mm*1500mm

2. Rollers: 20 rows

3. Rolling material: Forging Steel 45#

4. Rolling galvanization thickness:0.05 mm

5. Material of the cutting blade :Cr12

6. Productivity: 9-10m/min

7. Electric control system: PLC vector inverter

8. Frequency transducer: exact count, avoiding the sheet rise with the cutter (option)

9. Main motor power: 5 KW

10. Hydraulic unit power: 4 KW

11. Raw material thickness: 0.4-0.7mm

12. Raw material width:1000mm
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