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735 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine


735 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine:


Glazed tile roll forming machine
superior quality
fluent operation
low noise
CE standard roll former

735 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Manual decoiler—Roll forming machine—PLC system—Hydraulic system—Mold pressing-Post cut—Stacking
2. Technique parameters of the processing line
(1) Suitable material: colored armor plate
(2) Thickness of the plate : 0.3-0.8mm
(3) Input width of the plate: optional
(4) Output width of the plate :optional
(5) Effective width of the plate:
(6) Productivity :2-3m/min
(7) Roller steps :16 rows
(8) Roller material: 45# steel
(9) Diameter of active shaft: 72mm
(10) Wall thickness of the main forming machine: 12mm steel plate
(11)Main forming machine body : 300mmH steel
(12) Transmission chain is25.4mm,;
Reducer is 5.5kw Xingxing Cycloid which works stably and no noise.
(13) Cutting hydraulic systerm adpats CDF10 gear pump,the motor power is 4kw, no noise, work stably, long life expentancy.
(14) PLC control systerm, easy to operate, high precision and work stably.
(15) Dimensions of major structure:12200mm*1650mm*1510mm


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